Attendance & Leave
  1. As regular attendance is an important element for successful work, leave of absence should invariably be obtained in advance in writing. For serious reasons as in the case of illness or other unforeseen circumstances, the student on returning to the school must have reason of absence certified by her Parent/Guardian in the Absence of Record page of the Diary. The teacher in charge of the class may not admit the girl to class unless the leave note is countersigned by the Principal or one incharge, is produced. Application for leave should be briefly written in the School diary against the corresponding date.
  2. A student who is late without prior permission will not be admitted to the class unless the reason is recorded on the relevant page of the Diary by the parent.
  3. No pupil is allowed to go home during the class hours unless a duly authorised person comes to take her with a letter from the parents.
  4. No child suffering from contagious or infectious disease will be permitted to attend the school.
  5. The names of the students who are absent continually for a month without a notice are liable be struck of the roll.
  6. Irregular attendance habitual misbehaviour, insubordination to teachers or any kind of cheating or serious misconduct, even outside the school premises will be deemed sufficient reason for the dismissal of the pupil.
  7. Children who are ill should not be sent to school to attend class or answer the oral tests. Ill health affects the pupil’s performance and may also spread contagion.
  8. Students who absent themselves from school for a period of fifteen days (or less depending upon the situation) and specially after the re-opening of school. without prior sanction of leave or timely intimation to the school in case of emergency, are liable to have their names dropped from the rolls and their seats will be allotted to others without further notice, because of the pressure of the admission. Unavailability of tickets will not be accepted as a reasonable excuse for such absence.