Vision & Mission Statement


The Future of St. Mary’s Senior Secondary School will be shaped by the core values that have defined our past, which was handed over by our founders Giulia Colbert and Carlo Tancredi. We aim to provide our girl students the wings of academics and roots of values like honesty, sincerity and compassion so that they grow up as good global citizens of tomorrow. We look forward to empower them to meet the challenges of life with confidence and have a feeling of self-esteem and to grow up as good human beings.


Inspired by the teachings of Lord Jesus and motivated by our founders, Carlo Tancredi and Giulia Di Barolo who stood for girls education and were also visible lessons of humility, obedience and love of god for the whole humanity, we the Sisters of St. Ann of Providence along with our teachers and staff, with deep faith and trust in God stand to form and shape the little ones into Girls of Character with sound human values like honesty, respect for all religions, compassion, love, peace, harmony, generosity, courage, equality and self esteem. By the year 2022 our school will be successful in making holistic growth in their intellectual, emotional, physical and aesthetic abilities with a spirit of selfless service. Thus they will not only excel in the field of academics but also contribute their talents towards building a just, corruption-Free , eco-friendly human society where there is no gender discrimination and social inequality. We also stand for women empowerment.